Our students are on a path toward college and career. We have high expectations for our students and offer a high level of support to help children reach their full potential. We individualize learning based on on regular analysis of student progress throughout each school year, and our students are successful.  Our success if evidenced by our academic results – we have been rated the top school in the state of Ohio since 2011, have earned the title School of Honor by the Ohio Department of Education, as well as become a National Title 1 School.  Our K-12 curriculum provides Columbus Preparatory Academy students with a continuous education, beginning with Kindergarten and continuing through high school.

Elementary School

Columbus Preparatory elementary school serves grades K-5.  These students have the opportunity to participate in a number of programs within our school. Please contact our office during normal business hours for more information.

Middle School

Columbus Preparatory middle school serves grades 6-8.  Our middle schoolers are given the opportunity to explore their interests with elective classes such as art and Spanish, clubs, and sports such as volleyball, wrestling, and basketball.

High School

In 2015, Columbus Preparatory began expanding to high school at the request of our families.  CPA students promoting from the 8th-grade average a full 2 years ahead of their public school peers, and our students wanted the opportunity to continue their education at an accelerated rate.  High school at CPA offers free college classes through strategic partnerships with leading Ohio universities.  Our goal is for students to graduate high school with a minimum of 2 years college credit.  Read more about our College Credit Plus program.