Erin Addington joined the Columbus Preparatory Academy Board of Directors in May of 2013. 

Before joining the Board, she served on the CPA PTO, as president, from 2009 to 2013. During her tenure with the PTO she planned events and festivals, liaised with Ohio Coalition for Quality Education, visited senators and representatives and the State Capitol, lobbying for CPA. 

Erin is married to her husband, Pete, and they have two children, who both attended CPA for many years. 

Professionally Erin works as a records keeper for local doctors. She has also served the community in various ways, working at the polls on election day, guiding eighth graders around Washington D.C., non-profit event planning, and caregiving.

Currently Erin serves as a Board of Directors Officer in the office as Secretary, she has also served as Treasurer in the past.