Marty Ditello joined the Columbus Preparatory Academy (CPA) board of directors in March of 2013.

Prior to joining the CPA board, Marty served the school community for two years as a PTO member, and then as the PTO Board Secretary for a year.

Marty is married to his wife, Amanda, and they have five children together with ages ranging between 9 and 16. Over the years, all of their children have attended CPA, including Marty’s oldest son who started in kindergarten at CPA in the fall of 2011.

Professionally, Marty has been in leadership roles for 20 years, including spending the last five years as a senior leader with McGraw Hill. Marty has extensive experience being a people leader, Roberts Rules of Order, Ohio Sunshine Laws, contract review and negotiation, school finance, school operations, school governance, school compliance, and community engagement.

Marty has been serving his local HOA community Board of Trustees since October of 2020, and he was elected as the Board of Trustee President overseeing the associations day to day affairs in March of 2021.

Marty is also the founder and Executive Director of a local 501c3 organization, that provides children between ages 3 and 12 an opportunity to learn and play various sports in the local community.

Marty currently serves as a Board of Directors Officer, holding the position of President, which he has held since July of 2013. Marty has served as the Chair of the Governance task force for the last three years, which helps to oversee school contracts, board member compliance, and general day to day affairs of the school.